The 1-Minute Mindfulness Meditation Exercise Series #1 - S.T.O.P. [for Beginners]

Let's kick things of with a classic stress-cooler: The S.T.O.P. exercise

Mindful S.T.O.P. Meditation

Step 1: Stop what you're doing.

Put down anything you're working on right now


Step 2: Take a few deep breaths.

Observe what your body is experiencing right now. Is there tension?

If it suits you, close and relax your eyelids.

Let your jaw drop and breath in while articulating or whispering to yourself.


Move your mind through your whole body, are your shoulders nice and relaxed?


Let any tension start fading away.

If you like to extend this, return to normal breathing for a minute, following your natural breathing, and start over.

Step 3: Observe yourself and your surroundings further.

Notice your thoughts and emotions, realize that they aren't facts - that they are not permanent.

Lift your eyes and acknowledge your surroundings. Look at something that is pleasant and be grateful for it's elegance in its existence.

Step 4: Proceed with whatever you were doing.

Pick up where you left with the intention to incorporate what you've just experienced and learned.

You can do this exercise whenever you feel stressed, overwhelmed or just caught yourself being reactive instead of calm again. And of course whenever you want to!

If you liked this exercise and want to learn more about Mindful Meditation, feel free to browse through our website. All the exercises from our 1-Minute Mindfulness Meditation Exercise Series [for Beginners] are excerpts from the books we've reviewed for you.