A New Earth - Awakening to Your Life's Purpose [Oprah's Book Club]

A New Earth - Awakening to Your Life's Purpose [Oprah's Book Club] by Eckhart Tolle

A New Earth - Awakening to Your Life's Purpose [Oprah's Book Club] by Eckhart Tolle

This one already changed the life of many people. It's a great and very practical guide that provides spiritual guidance on your way to reaching inner fulfillment

About the Author

Eckhart Tolle has helped hundreds of thousands to self-transform and find their inner peace over the past years.

He was born in Germany and studied at the Universities of London and Cambridge, devoting his life to the studies of philosophy, psychology and literature.

At the age of 29, after more than 10 years long journey, he reached the climax of his depression, experiencing the strongest episode of negative thoughts and feelings he'd ever have.

After fighting an intense battle with himself and the thoughts of his ego, laying in bed at night, questioning the self and the universe, he had undergone a spiritual transformation without even realizing it.

As he woke up the next day, Tolle was taking a walk in London, learning that everything changed.

Going forth with the knowledge that there never was a self in the traditional or common sense, no outside world with status symbols to strive for, he noticed that everything around him was at peace.

He felt a deep sensation of fulfillment which even made things like noisy traffic just a thought to be acknowledged and let go of.

20 years later, filled with experience about spiritual enlightenment, Eckhart began writing and publishing books about suffering and reaching inner peace by accepting reality to help others in need.

Today all of his publications are bestsellers, with The Power of Now as it's flagship. If you're interested in learning more about this powerful self improvement guide, have a look at the review here.

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About the book

Awakening to your life's purpose had a great spiritual impact on many people in the world.

It doesn't really state anything new, though. It essentially spreads the same wisdom you can find in teachings of Buddha or from Jesus, but adapted to our modern times.

Eckhart sheds more light on today's frantic world and how the developments of the industrial and digital age was and still is paving the way to inner suffering more than ever.

Boiled down, this book is about living in the moment. About relieving yourself from time and all the negative emotions it brings, like fear or anxiety.

It was first published in 2005, comprising 336 pages, and sold 5 million copies by 2009 in North America alone.

Soon after A New Earth reached number 1 on the New York times Bestseller list.

It was featured in Oprah's Book Club for around 10 weekly webinars, with both Tolle and Winfrey, and according to Barnes & Noble quickly became the fastest selling title it's history.

To adapt to the modern times of digital entertainment, Tolle re-released A New Earth as an audio book, read by himself.

What is this Book about

It's early chapters lay out the foundation needed to understand the concepts in later parts.

After explaining basic suggestions about Mindfulness and how it can help to overcome your inner struggles, Eckhart goes on to develop these ideas in more detail.

Awakening to your life's purpose gives clear guidance on how to win the battle with the inner self and the outer self, our extended mind which tricks us into negative thinking.

The content gives great explanation about how to lessen the emotional pain we're constantly accumulating and been dragging around for years, and how a dreamer already is his dream, but didn't had the chance to realize it yet.

Tolle is as honest as he can be when he starts reminding us that there will be many obstacles to overcome before becoming the hero by teaching the tools we need to do so.

Time is now!

According to Eckhart, the first major pillar of self fulfillment is the realization that there is no flow of time in the sense of enlightenment.

To be happy means to commit to the Now, the only construct of time that really matters.

When we're talking a walk and our minds are busy racing back and forth between negative feelings from the past or fear about the future, little time for joy and happiness is left.

As if we were possessed, our emotions have taken over control and are preventing us from living in the moment, feeling the walk and everything about it with our senses.

Tolle offers great advice and teaches us how to get aware of ourselves, our emotions and our surroundings again so we can stop focusing on those worrying thoughts and devote our time to just being.

How to open up a dialog with your self and your feelings and how to find the middle ground between your dream of reality and what you're actually experiencing.

Letting go of your ego

The next step is to realize that we aren't our egos.

But still, even though most of the time it just makes us miserable, we still think we are. That we have to be.

As it turns out, we can never be famous, beautiful or rich enough to satisfy the ego.

Its need to always be better can only pull us on the dark side of thoughts, even when we're accomplishing goal after goal after goal.

The only thing it can think of is how others are still better.

Your ego takes over the wheel, driving your decisions into unhealthy habits like judging others and always looking on the other side of the fence.

But there is another way!

Luckily Tolle leaves no questions open and provides us with the insight needed to learn that we don't need to identify with these voices.

We can speak to them!

Just as with being present in the moment, we can open up a dialog with our ego, reflecting on our feelings and dreams instead of following orders on how the world should look like according to ego.

When learning how to deal with these negative emotions and influences, we can realize that our ego doesn't define us. It is the other way around!

Letting go of these dark thoughts, acknowledging and reflecting on them, empowers us to live in the Now and prosper.

You'll be able to love yourself rather than fixating on a the unrealistic illusion of reality provided by your bitter ego.

All you need is already there. Within you.

You'll just have to allow it to come out and make you happy.

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