I Am Peace - A Book Of Mindfulness [for Kids]

I Am Peace - A Book Of Mindfulness by Susan Verde & Peter H. Reynolds

I Am Peace is one of many (well known) books written by "Yoga-mum" Susan Verde that all deal with emotions and how to cope with them.

While she shares her knowledge of mindful techniques in a way specifically tailored towards children, Peter H. Reynolds drawings and illustrations help to encourage kids to connect with their surroundings and make the most of the world.

Verde and Reynolds are an New York Times bestselling dream team and all of their books - most of them for children - are consistently ranked with an average of at least 4 stars with multiple hundreds of reviews.

They manage to deliver a great introduction of both empathy and self-awareness of emotions to young children (4-8 years of age), which clears the way for you and your little ones.

You'll quickly find yourself accompanied in your daily mission of calmness.

And the best part yet? While I Am Peace is mainly geared towards kids, adults can also greatly benefit from its simplicity and illustration guided meditation manuals.

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