Puppy Mind [for Kids]

Puppy Mind by Andrew Jordan Nance & Jim Durk

Puppy Mind by Andrew Jordan Nance & Jim Durk

Andrew Jordan Nance teams up with Jim Durk, the illustrator known for Clifford the Big Red Dog and Thomas the Steam Engine, to tell the story of a young boy who learns that his mind often acts like a puppy.

Just like most little dogs, a childs brain can be trained.

Trained to be aware of his surroundings and emotions, being fully present without judging.

Nance and Durk have done a great job in bringing the concepts of Mindfulness and Kids together.

The cute illustrations are so easy to wrap your head around that even 20 month olds are able to understand Mindfulness & Meditation.

The magic happens when the reader realizes that your mind often jumps around, throwing thoughts and ideas at you, that you don't necessarily want to pursue or that don't reflect your own ideals.

With the help of this book any child can grow mentally stronger and become a more understanding master of their emotions.

Just like the young boy who managed to tame his Puppy Mind through breathing exercises and the like.

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