The 1-Minute Mindfulness Meditation Exercise Series #2 - Mindful Breathing [for Beginners]

Mindful Breathing Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation doesn't have to be a hard or long and complex activity.

One very efficient and easy exercise is the Mindful Breathing exercise.

It can be done almost anywhere and one minute should be enough to already experience most of its benefits.

Start by lowering your gaze and notice where you feel your breath.

This might be the movements of your chest or stomach. You might also start experiencing the air coming in and out your nostrils.

Maybe you don't notice anything right of the bat. In that case try placing your hand on your chest and observe how it gently moves with your body as you breath in and out.

As soon as you start noticing your mind wandering, acknowledge it - this is fine!

Accept that you just got distracted a little bit and bring back your attention to your breathing.

You don't necessarily have to control your breathing. Your body knows how to breathe.

Just let it happen!

When you're finished, open your eyes and be grateful for your arrival in the moment.

You can accompany this technique by playing short 1-Minute meditation sound clips such as ocean sounds, the rain, maybe a little thunderstorm or ambient sounds like birds chirping.

If you've liked the experience of this exercise, you can dive in for another round.

Maybe make it 2 minutes this time. This is totally up to you!

Take as long as you need to get rid of all the stress and anxiety within and around you to arrive back in the moment and be calm again.

If you liked this exercise and want to learn more about Mindful Meditation, feel free to browse through our website. All the exercises from our 1-Minute Mindfulness Meditation Exercise Series [for Beginners] are excerpts from the books we've reviewed for you.