The 1-Minute Mindfulness Meditation Exercise Series #4 - Mindful Stretching [for Beginners]

Mindful Stretching

Everybody knows stretching. Most sport and yoga enthusiast do it regularly to let their muscles rest and return to a calm state again after strenuous workouts.

Mindful Stretching is the perfect antidote to the busy world we're living in today.

It's a practice to release all the inherent pressure of the modern fast-paced living and center your inner balance again.

Simply start by lengthening your body really really slowly and observe how your muscles start to ease more and more until the tension fades away.

If you can feel specific areas of your body resisting more to this stretch than others, spend more time on them.

Move and lengthen the surrounding body parts slowly, acknowledging the tension within and, accepting that it is there only to fade away in a matter of seconds.

Realize that the tension did only control you because you (subconsciously) let it happen.

When you're finished be grateful for the experiences you made.

Thank your body for showing you how easy it can be to gain control again.

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