The 1-Minute Mindfulness Meditation Exercise Series #5 - Mindful Meditation Walk [for Beginners]

Mindful Meditation Walk

Taking breaks during work hours is important. It's scientifically proven that workers benefit from mid-day walks the most.

Try incorporating Mindfulness next time. This can be done while on you way to lunch, while walking back from it or as you're commuting home.

While most forms of meditations are done sitting or lying down, movement Meditations - such as Mindful Meditation Walks - is done via setting the body in motion.

Good Mindful Meditation Walk exercises are walking in a circle for one minute or walking a straight line back and forth.

While walking, focus on your breath. Deepen in and tone in on you and your emotions.

Listen to your thoughts.

Try not to judge and focus on resting your mind.

If you get distracted by uneven soil under your feet, acknowledge it and return your focus.

Once you've trained and mastered being fully aware of your body movements and emotions during Mindful Walks, you can start incorporating it into your everyday life.

Try it when walking your dog; if your dog likes to pull on the leash, acknowledge this. Don't judge! Accept that this is happening and return to your thoughts. While a leash-pulling dog is a problem to deal with, this is not the time.

That's a topic for your dog trainer. The priority of Mindful Walks is your awareness.

If you liked this exercise and want to learn more about Mindful Meditation, feel free to browse through our website. All the exercises from our 1-Minute Mindfulness Meditation Exercise Series [for Beginners] are excerpts from the books we've reviewed for you.