The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment [New York Times Bestseller]

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment - Eckhart Tolle

Is there really the best book for Mindfulness, Meditation and Self-transformation?

Well according to the New York Times, there is!

If you haven't had a chance to get a glimpse of The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle, then it's worth taking a look. An all time Classic and New York Times Bestseller in Mindfulness, Mediation & Self-Transformation Books.

Backed by more than ten thousands of reviews and an average rating of 4.5 stars, you can't really go anywhere wrong with this book.

It has 235 pages structured into 10 chapters and was published by Hodder Australia in 2004.

About the Author

Eckhart Tolle has helped hundreds of thousands to self-transform and find their inner peace over the past years.

He was born in Germany and studied at the Universities of London and Cambridge.

His written style is easy to understand and the more than honest preface of this book lets you know what you're getting yourself into right from the start.

When introducing new concepts, Tolle usually uses a simple question-answer (FAQ) style to arrive at and share his conclusions.

The Power of Now is widely regarded as one of the most influental spiritual books in today's bookshelves. The message it tries to deliver is clear:

In his book Eckhart deals with the inner battle between yourself and your ego, which leads to great suffering thus crippling your ability to enjoy the moment and the things you do in your life.

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There is a way out!

Most of us don't even realize how they're living under constant pressure because they've never learned proper emotion management skills, how to cope with fear or dealing with stressful situations.

How their struggle against their own ego and thoughts compromises their decision making and emotions.

The Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment was written for the ones that are still searching for answers and aren't sure how to overcome their inner battle to live their dreams and beliefs.

It teaches the way of reaching inner peace by listening to yourself and being aware of what you feel.

It is when we're aware of what's going on that we can start to accept it and start working with our thoughts rather than just reacting to them thus creating the needed space for transformation to happen.

Tolle starts by presenting his own pain and initial fears furthering the readers interest and setting you up to embrace the journey of Mindfulness to take on your "ego" yourself.

Eckhart states that he too felt depressed and even had suicidal thoughts for a long time before he suddenly became aware - being fully present in the moment - experiencing his spiritual enlightenment:

"Without any thought, I felt, I knew, that there is infinitely more to light than we realize. That soft luminosity filtering through the curtains was love itself." [...] I recognized the room, and yet I knew that I had never truly seen it before. [...] For the next five months, I lived in a state of uninterrupted deep peace and bliss."

Today's world can easily make you forget to live in the present, fueling you with anxious thoughts about the past or fear of a new future. Always striving for the biggest success to come.

But according to Tolle, living in the moment is all that matters and the mind is your biggest enemy, more powerful than you might even realize.

When your mind is preoccupied with fears and feelings about times that didn't even happen yet, awareness and acceptance of the present moment - The Now - is often getting left behind.

The inherent negative energy emerging from all the pressure and negative emotions will soon start to narrate your life in a way that doesn't reflect on what you want to accomplish but what you couldn't or wont be able to in the future!

Getting aware of the feelings you're experiencing and how they're steering your boat is the first big step on your way to fulfillment.

You are the path!

By acknowledging your thoughts, accepting them and reflecting on them instead of fighting against them - pursuing the path of someone else's reality - you gain the power needed to take over the steering wheel again.

The Power of Now teaches you how to let go of your mind-consciousness and how to transform it into the ability to access the consciousness of your whole body and a more advanced awareness.

Negative feelings emerging are a great opportunity to take step back and open up a dialog with them. Most of the time those emotions are so negative because they're conflicting with your ideas, dreams and goals in life.

This can create a lot of tension and stress when not dealt with correctly.

Becoming self-conscious lets you open up a dialog with yourself, enabling you as a human to express yourself and your own thoughts.

You are not your feelings! You are just experiencing them right now.

They might be there, clouding your ability to arrange your thoughts, but they don't unfold your way!

Being aware and calm enough to state your own beliefs will empower you to devote all your heart to your inner being. You'll soon realize that you're the one making the decisions.

Your feelings don't define you.

They are simply a tool to remind you that you've lost track on what's important to you so you can redirect your attention to being present in the moment and expressing yourself, creating your own perceived reality.


Tolle gives great insight into his mind and delivers a detailed framework on how to focus on yourself in today's busy world instead of participating in the race of always being the best.

He gives anyone the power of staying present and feeling gratitude in what she's doing by tuning in to yourself and your feelings.

Ironically enough, the less time you're devoting to being the, the better you'll get.

Just be. Now. And you will prosper.

All the answers are within you. There's no need to search for it elsewhere.

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