Top 5 Best Mindfulness Accessories

If you'd like to have a look at a great primer about Mindfulness and Meditation, read this post first. It covers the very basic of the workings behind Mindfulness, Meditation, how they relate and what they can do for you helping with reducing stress.

You may have already tried meditating yourself and started to wonder what tools exist to spice up your practice a little bit.

Well, look no further!

There are tons of great meditation accessories out there. We took the time to sum up the top 5 most used accessory types and their respective best ones - if there were only one - in this article for you.

Florensi Velvet Meditation Cushion for Women and Men

Those are the real classics for any type of relaxation or meditation techniques.


They provide you with proper support for the correct posture so you have the comfort needed to relax.

Florensis Velvet Meditation Cushion is filled with buckwheat supported by a one-inch foam to keep your spine aligned. Its sitting height is easily adjustable by putting more buckwheat in or taking something out until you find your sweet spot.

Unlike most buckwheat products this one was treated with high heat to prevent infestation.

The cover is made of vegan velvet and can be removed for washing.

What makes Florensis Cushion one of the best is the sitting experience. It will provide your the proper support while also being soft and gentle.

They aren't even limited to dedicated meditation practice only. Florensis Cushion can also be used to watch TV or even work from home at the desk giving the support your posture needs.

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Gaiam Yoga Mat - Premium 6mm Print Reversible Extra Thick Non Slip Exercise & Fitness Mat for All Types of Yoga, Pilates & Floor Workouts

Florensi Velvet Meditation Cushion for Women and Men

Another classic. Yoga mats.

While most yoga mats are usually only one color, Gaiams Premium Print mats try to infuse your sessions with you and colorful prints looking like mandalas.

They are also manufactured great which makes the slightly higher price than average worthwile.

This model has anti slip and got a nice grip to it while also being gentle to stressed out and tensed up body due to it's thickness (6mm).

However, some mats can come a little bit slippery when new. If you're one of those "unlucky people" whos freshly delivered Gaiam Premium is like that, just wash it with warm water in your bathtub and let it dry.

This usually fixes the problem.

With a whopping average 4.5 of 5 star rating and over more than then thousand reviews, you can't really go wrong

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Bed of Nails Original Acupressure Mat for Back/Body Pain Treatment Relaxation & Mindfulness

If a normal yoga mat isn't for you, you might want to try out something different.

The Bed of Nails was inspired by literal beds of nails often used by fakirs, magicians and monks to demonstrate their power.

Luckily this model doesn't feature real metal nails anymore. They got replaced by thousands of non toxic, surgical grade plastic spikes which work on your pressure points as you lie down.

The Original Acupressure Mat is actually a set which includes the mat and a bolster pillow for your head. This combination works wonder on the upper back, neck and shoulder area.

To target all areas to the fullest you just need to lay on your back on the mat with the pillow under your neck and start meditating.

That's it!

The mat will start to work thousands of acupressure points, stimulating your blood flow.

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Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl ~Antique Design~ Set With Dual Surface Mallet and Silk Cushion

Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl ~Antique Design~ Set With Dual Surface Mallet and Silk Cushion

The sounds generated by Singing Bowls have been used for ages in meditation.

They are generally used to support the core principles during meditation practice by

stimulating the frequencies in your body which are said to bring them back to harmony.

The Antique Design Singing Bowl from Silent Mind fits nicely into your hand with 4.5 inches diameter while also being able to create vibration and resonance easily comparable to bigger bowls.

You might struggle to get the bowl sing in the beginning if you're used to larger bowls.

Try striking it harder, sliding the plain wood part of the mallet along the rim.

With a little bit of practice, you will be able to keep the bowl singing while also meditating for longer periods of time.

Like it's usually the case with all instruments or products that are used to generate sounds in general, the mantra of ditching the budget ones holds also true also for singing bowls.

You don't have go all out and spend your life savings. Skipping the $10 or sometimes even $20 ones can make a dramatic difference in tone.

You won't be disappointed!

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Mandalas Adult Coloring Book Set With 24 Colored Pencils And Pencil Sharpener Included: Color Your Way To Calm

Mandalas Adult Coloring Book Set With 24 Colored Pencils And Pencil Sharpener Included: Color Your Way To Calm

In the early days Mandalas have been used by Monks during Meditation Practice.

The simplicity of coloring mandalas doesn't require long years of expertise to get started.

A lot of people find it challenging to just sit there and concentrate on their breathing or energy flowing through their body.

Coloring is a simple concept we all understand and Mandalas give you just the right amount of fuel needed to get your creativity going so you can start to focus on yourself and your reality.

The repetition of colors, shapes and patterns naturally invite the awareness of being fully present in the moment. People who color mandalas are said to be very calm and surrounded by gratefulness.

You practically can sit down, pick up the pencil and start drawing without prior knowledge, just exploring and expressing yourself, any time you feel like it.

Mandalas Adult Coloring Book Set is great for beginners. It has everything in once box: pencils, sharpener and 48 designs to paint ready to go while also being fairly priced.

The fact that it has everything you'll ever need to paint also makes it a valuable item to travel with.

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